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8 Minute Gratitude Journal

8 Minute Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude journaling is a simple, yet powerful practice that can help children develop a positive mindset. This journal is designed for the kids of Generation Alpha.

My 8 Minute Gratitude Journal for kids is the perfect tool to help your child get started with gratitude journaling.

Our kids gratitude journal includes the following:

  • An All About Me Page: Questions about yourself, like what is your favourite colour
  • Wishes For the Future: A page to write goals and wishes for the year
  • 101 Days of Gratitude: 8 daily prompts for 101 days to promote gratitude and kindness
  • Kindness Challenge: 9 kindness challenges to complete
  • Gratitude Thank You Letters: 3 letter templates to write a thank you note

The questions we ask our kids reflect the values we care about. This gratitude journal helps shows you care about kindness, generosity, being grateful and reading.

8 Daily Prompts:

  • I was a good friend today when:
  • I was proud of myself when:
  • Someone helped me today when:
  • I am grateful today for:
  • I was happy when:
  • I was frustrated when:
  • I’m reading this book for bedtime:
  • Today’s date is:

With just a few minutes each day, your child will reap the benefits of gratitude journaling.


  • Improved mental health: Research shows that gratitude journaling reduces feelings of anxiety, and increases feelings of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Increased empathy and social connection: By asking about helping others and being a good friend, children develop more empathy and a stronger sense of connection to others.
  • Greater resilience: By focusing on the positive children can develop a more resilient mindset and be better able to handle the challenges that may come their way. By acknowledging frustration, we also teach our children that it’s ok to feel many different emotions.

Give the gift of gratitude with our 8 minute gratitude journal for kids!

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