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ABC's of Emotions

ABC's of Emotions

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A great way for kids and parents to recognize all the feelings and emotions we experience. 

Kids have lots of big feelings but they often don’t have the words to express themselves. ABC’s of Emotions shows 58 emotions using a single emoji to demonstrate the feeling. Emoji's are a great tool to visually express a feeling and are easily recognizable to kids and grownups alike. This gives kids and parents the opportunity to identify and talk about the feelings they experience every day. Kids feel more comfortable in themselves when they can name the feeling and when they realize it is normal to feel lots of emotions.

From A through Z, ABC’s of Emotions explores 58 emotions, supporting parents, caregivers, teachers and health professionals to talk with their kids about their feelings.

ABC's of Emotions shares everything from the most common emotions of angry, happy and sad to more complex feelings such as frustrated, embarrassed, jealous, overwhelmed, and optimistic. The book will improve children's vocabulary naming all the emotions. ABC's of Emotions includes modern words such as Hangry (that slightly angry feeling you get when you need food!) and even X has one.... but you'll have to buy the book to find out what it is though :)

Softcover- 8 x 8 inches

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