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Hello & Bonjour Canada

Hello & Bonjour Canada

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Get ready to explore Canada!

Hello and Bonjour Canada is the perfect way for kids to learn about Canada and its culture. From famous landmarks like the CN Tower to stunning natural landscapes like the Rocky Mountains, say hello and bonjour to each province and territory.

With more than 70 fun facts about Canada, this is a must-have book for every Canadian child and a great souvenir for your trip to Canada.

Kids will find out:

  • What does the word "Canada" mean?
  • What was the country almost named?
  • What was the first hockey puck made of?
  • Why do Canadians love beavers?
  • How did Mt. Tremblant and Whistler mountain get their names?
  • How many lakes does Canada have?
  • What is an Inukshuk?
  • What foods were invented in canada?

And so many more questions answered!

Take a trip across Canada every night- no passport needed!

Bonus page includes a list of "Canadianisms"- fun words that only Canadians use. Check it out, eh.




Softcover - 8.5 x 11 

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