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Yummy Numbers

Yummy Numbers

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Introduce your little ones to their first counting book that teaches them counting and foods in multiple languages. Yummy Numbers is a deliciously fun way to learn numbers and new languages with food. From fruits and veggies, to ice cream and pizza, our counting book utilizes foods to practice counting and learning English, French and Mandarin.

Kids will also count:

  • Croissants in French,
  • Dumplings in Mandarin,
  • Churros in Spanish,
  • Samosas in Hindi,
  • Challahs in Hebrew,
  • Sushi in Japanese,
  • Pizzas in Italian

Little ones are exposed to new and familiar foods with pictures and fun facts- expanding their palettes and vocabulary.

And that's not all! Math skills are also developed and enhanced with 
Yummy Numbers. From an age-appropriate lesson on fractions to interactive math activities such as number matching, adding, subtracting to tracing and writing numbers. This book also includes 20 pages of colouring.




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